Industry: Technology

Presentation type: Product

Client: Sportradar

Before & after video

The challenge.

Sportradar is the global leader in understanding and leveraging the power of sports data to provide cutting-edge technology for the betting industry.

But their audience weren’t following the speed of play.

Their product showcase presentation was technical, complex, and, in some instances, may as well have been written in code.

Sportradar needed to harness the excitement of sport, the thrill of betting, and the beating heart of the app-development industry in a simple, engaging and visually-striking product showcase presentation.

Before After

Our process.

Step 1.

Clarity first.

This innovative tech company didn’t need to change its personality, it just needed to introduce a little clarity.

Step 2.

Layers of complexity.

As a visual nod to the layers of complexity behind the product, we created a collage-inspired design style, bringing an illustrative representation of data together with human photography. Each image was carefully selected to show the excitement of betting and surrounded by simple line illustrations that represent the technical side of the brand.

Step 3.

Stand out images.

Adding to the layering and amplifying the illusion of depth, we introduced graphical shapes, background images of sports in action, and dark overlays to make the hero images at the forefront really stand out.

Step 4.

Font selection.

The font was chosen to be reminiscent of programming code, which gives every slide that stand-out factor. Where complex, data-heavy messaging needed to be simplified in this product showcase example, we split content across multiple slides. So as not to disrupt the narrative, we used simple line icons as breadcrumbs, guiding the audience through.

Step 5.

Animation inspiration.

Animation inspiration can come from anywhere, and we immediately thought of data dashboards you see in bustling control rooms in Hollywood movies. We wanted to create small details of fluid movement that suggest continuous data collection and ongoing insights.

Step 6.

Stripped back slide design.

To show off Sportradar’s previous success, while retaining the credibility of the data collected, we stripped the slide design right back and let the simple messaging shine.

Highlighting core stats and key findings, we turned a complex project into a digestible story.

The result.

“The project management was excellent throughout. Managed the team and process very well – kept me informed, always helpful and flexible. ”

Mike Falconer

Strategy Director, Sportradar

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