Industry: Drinks

Presentation type: Conference

Client: AG Barr

Before & after video

The challenge.

AG Barr needed to showcase the company story, along with some performance statistics, in a way that best represented them as the dynamic, vibrant, and cutting-edge brand they are.

This keynote presentation was to be unveiled at the IMAX in the Trafford Centre, Manchester, so needed to have the cinematic impact to boot.

Our process.

Step 1.

Starting point.

There is nothing subtle about this brand, and that made for a great starting point for this project.

Step 2.

Bright, contrasting colours.

The design team were able to play with bright, contrasting colours, big, bold text, and strong design elements for maximum slide impact.

Step 3.

Seamless look.

The client had an exciting relationship with a popular video game, so we wanted to tie the gaming assets in perfectly with the presentation assets, for a seamless look.

Step 4.

Time for typography.

We played around with typography to add emphasis to key words in unexpected ways. We didn’t want to add clutter to the slides where we didn’t have to, due to the size of the screen it was to be presented on. Instead, we conveyed the bold nature of the brand in how we framed the slide, and how we structured the copy.

Step 5.

Patterned treatment.

We created a patterned treatment, inspired by the droplets of condensation on freezing cans. We applied this to both plain background slides and over imagery, adding texture and creating a consistent design style throughout this conference presentation, no matter the content.

Step 6.

High-energy feel.

We built a high-energy feel from the start, without overdoing it. There is no extra fluff, nothing surplus to requirement, just important information and images cut out to remove the backgrounds and focus on the products as heroes.

Step 7.

For the big screen.

When creating conference presentation experiences for the big screen, the temptation is to cram more graphics in and go big with the animations, whereas actually large screens call for minimalism, so the eye doesn’t get exhausted tracking movement around.

The result.

“Our conference presentation stood out as the best part, and presentation, of the day! The Rockstar section was the talk of the conference, with everyone asking our contact where they’d gone to produce that. Making noise at these events is how the individual brands cut through to the group heads and get more support and confidence where they need it.”

Gordon Donald

Senior Sponsorship and Promotions Manager, AG Barr

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